Friday, July 3, 2009

Cross Stitch Patterns - Pros and Cons of Both Large and Small Patterns

Thank you for reading our information. We'll be discussing the advantages and disadvantages of the different sizes of cross stitch patterns - small vs. large.The styles and sizes of cross stitch patterns can vary immensely, as you may have noticed.A small design such as a bookmark can sometimes be completed in a matter of hours. On the other hand, some cross stitch patterns can be very large, similar to a tapestry and make take months or years to complete. The most important thing to consider when picking out a design to cross stitch is whether or not, you, the stitcher will be happy with it.

Difficulty of a pattern is determined by many things, but the first thing to consider is how large or small a pattern is. The advantages of stitching a small design are numerous. Because they can be stitched up quickly, stitchers can move on to the next project sooner. Some people love to have a finished project right away, so projects that are small such as holiday ornaments or bookmarks can give some almost-instant gratification. The fact that they are easier to manage is another distinct advantage to smaller cross stitch patterns. WIth just a small project, there isn't a lot of extra fabric around the hoop, which many cross stitchers find this much easier to handle. One downside to stitching small projects can be the ongoing cost. Because you finish a project right away, when you get ready to start the next one, of course, you'll be shopping for floss, material, and another pattern. Of course, to cut costs, you can find free cross stitch patterns on the web. One great resource for finding free cross stitch patterns is Another great source for free and cheap cross stitch patterns on the web is, as there is ususally at least one freebie there. You can also use the coupon code *promo09* (without the astericks) to get another free one of your choice.

We'll discuss large cross stitch patterns now. The advantage of a large pattern is that once you have your initial outlay of cost, (which can be substantial at times depending how much floss and fabric is required) this project can last you several weeks or months, thus not requiring any further cost for quite some time. The large number of floss colors can be daunting for some stitchers, but some actually prefer this. Because of the largeness of the design, each floss will be used substantially more (usually), which can result in being able to use the same floss color for quite a while.. Of course, large projects mean large pieces of fabric and lots of floss. This extra fabric can be quite difficult to manage for some stitchers, as it can get in the way of your hands when stitching. Another common disadvantage to large projects, regarding the time it takes to complete it, some stitchers get bored with a project, or just tired of looking at it! Then they will put it away, and often not come back to it. However, once a large design is finished, they usually represent quite a masterpiece.

Although there are other factors to consider when deciding on a particular cross stitch design in addition to things such as types of stitches, specialty stitches, etc. you should have a basic knowledge about what to expect for both large and small cross stitch patterns, so this should help you with your decision making some when it comes to choosing a pattern. Of course, the main thing to keep in mind, is that it's your hobby and the end goal is to have fun with it, so be sure to pick a pattern you will enjoy.

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